Grace Upon Grace

2340619606_0a92acdea4_oDuring our senior year at Oklahoma Baptist University, my husband was serving as part time Music Minister at First Baptist Church, Lindsey, OK. That meant choir rehearsals every Wednesday and, then back on Saturday afternoon to prepare for Sunday Worship. We were young and it worked well for us. Little did we know in the two years we served this wonderful church, we would come to understand grace upon grace, and more grace.

Lindsey is an oil and farming community and for us, it became blessings beyond anything we could have envisioned or deserved. Almost every Sunday, we were invited for lunch in homes of kind and generous people who adopted two young college students who needed “family”.
We spent every Saturday evening with Mark and Maude Weese. This meant having a great dinner, with angel food cake – covered in thick, orange icing, and watching the very popular TV series, Gunsmoke, on a black and white TV.

Each Saturday, we went to the IGA grocery store on Main, owned by one of the deacons, T. J. Goodner. No matter what we spent, T.J. would put the bag of groceries in the back seat, then shaking Bob’s hand—leaving money that more than covered what we had just spent! He would just say, God bless you, and walk away. How does one get over that kind of grace?

As we headed back to OBU, our back seat held homemade goodies, and goodies from our generous church family. Grace upon grace.

Returning from our churches we got together with couples who also served in Oklahoma churches, to share the manna given week after week. Grace indelibly marked our hearts, setting patterns worthy imitating. Yes, grace—upon grace!

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3 thoughts on “Grace Upon Grace

  1. Kathryn Robinson says:

    Thanks for that grace filled story, dear friend! Loren and I are back in Alabama serving the Lord and would love to see you! Are you still speaking at conferences because I have an idea!!!? ?

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